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For achievement of your goals and solving your problems, for your researches and discoveries - our best technologies, experience of professionals, understanding and interaction.


of more than 500 events

25 years experience of successful work

High technologies of organization


«МКС» provides professional, full or partial, organizational and technological support in the planning, organization and holding of the congress, festival, forum, conference, exhibition, seminar, round table in the field of science, business, medicine, culture, politics, sport, industry, agriculture, regional development and high technologies in the following areas:

Взаимодействие и работа с организационным комитетом
Organizing committee
Cooperation with all Organizing committee structures on organizers, scientific and finance issues
Информационная поддержка мероприятия


Information support services
Event promotion in the sectoral information space and social media
Работа с участниками мероприятия
Participants management
Providing full range of participant’s services, online and onsite registration, abstract submission services
Работа организация площадки мероприятия
Event venue management
Selection, technical equipment and management of venue during the event
Разработка сайта мероприятия
Event website
Development, administration, filling and technical support services of event website
Online онлайн регистрация учасников
Online registration software
Providing of high technology software system of participant-organizer interaction
Работа со спонсорами и экспонентами
Sponsors and exponents management
Searching for sponsors and exhibitors, contract negotiations, formation of exposition plans, organization of exhibition constructions
Работа организация гостиниц гостиничное размещение
Hotels \ Excursions \ Transport services
Providing of hotel, transport and excursion services for event participants
Finance and reports services
Event budgeting and planning, full financial support of participants, preparation and issuance of financial documents, providing for organizing committee all necessary reports and financial audit at the end of the event
Экономия времени и финансов заказчика меропиятия

Saving time and finances of the Customers

 Долгосрочные партнерские отношения с десятками Заказчиков

 Long-term partnerships with many Customers

Эффективное взаимодействие с партнерами Заказчика

Effective cooperation with the partners of the Customers 

500 проведенных мероприятий 25 лет работы

25 years experience and more than 500 successfull events

Забота о профессиональном имидже Заказчика

Caring for Customer's professional reputation

Лучшие организационно-технологические решения для каждого Заказчика

Best organizational and technological solutions for every Customer



Online event management system has the flexibility to change, data security, the ability to add new features. Our system adapts to the individual requirements of every Customer, which allows the most effective coordination of the participants' relations with the Organizing Committee.

         The system allows to integrate and use the following features:

         Participants registration online system.

         Personal account of every participant.


         Scientific materials submission and acceptance service (abstracts / oral or poster presentations).

         Business meeting system.

         Participants access control system.

         E-mail notification distribution for participants about key dates and changes.

         Personalized e-mail messages distribution for orders and actions confirmation. 

         Service of registration fees and individual orders acceptance.


         Real time participants activity monitoring system.

         Registration system for participants at the venue.


         Service for the formation of statistical and financial reports to the Organizing Committee

      in all necessary sections.




10th International Symposium on Technetium and Rhenium – Science and Utilization

XI Международный Конгресс лагерей (ICC2017)

XI International Camping Congress (ICC2017)

IV Международный Конгресс по Морфологии Беспозвоночных (ICIM4)

IV International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology (ICIM4)

XI Всероссийский съезд  по проблемам теоретической и прикладной механики

The XIth All-Russian Congress on basic problems of theoretical and applied mechanics

2250 participants, august 2015, Kazan

III Всероссийская (Международная) конференция  по бетону и железобетону

III All-Russian (International) Conference on concrete and reinforced concrete

1300 participants, may 2014, Moscow

Всемирный Конгресс по процессуальному праву  «Гражданский процесс в межкультурном диалоге. Евразийский контекст» 

World Conference on civil procedure:

«Civil process in intercultural dialogue. The Eurasian Context» 

VI Всероссийский съезд геологов

VI All-Russian Congress of Geologists

XVIII Менделеевский съезд по общей и прикладной химии

XVIII Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry





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